• Reasons For Growing Trees As Topiary Or Espaliers

    Topiary and espaliers are two types of strictly controlled tree growing styles. Topiary is when you trim the outer edges of the tree into severely defined shapes (such as a heart). Espaliered trees can be even more limited, since they're only allowed a few branches growing in the desired shape, typically a two-dimensional shape so they grow along a wall or fence in a pattern. Either of these tree-growing styles can take a lot of work for your tree service company since the trees have to be pruned frequently to keep them from reverting to a more natural-looking growth habit. [Read More]

  • 3 Ways To Improve Your Rental Property With Tree Removal Service

    As you gain more experience with owning and running a rental property, you will acquire more knowledge about what determines your rental's success. Although you may already generate a profit with your rental, you do not have to stop there when higher profit is a realistic possibility. When you improve your rental property in a way that potential tenants like, you will have an easier time charging more on rent and keeping renters living there beyond the initial lease. [Read More]

  • If You See These Bugs, Call A Tree Service

    Usually, if unwanted or harmful bugs are hanging out around your property, your response would be to call a pest control company. There are times, though, when the phone call you make really should be to a tree service. This is because some bugs are a major threat to your trees. They may harm the tree directly, or they may introduce fungi or bacteria that infect the tree. So, what bugs should cause you to call a tree service? [Read More]

  • Homeowners Guide To Stump Removal

    It can be tempting to leave a stump in place, simply because it is the easy choice and it may even provide a sort of rustic charm. Removal is actually the better option, though. Stump Concerns Unfortunately, old stumps can attract unwanted pests and problems into your yard. Termites and other wood-devouring insects are often drawn to old stumps. They can then spread to your home. Animal pests may also be drawn to stumps. [Read More]

  • Have A Lot Of Older Trees? 2 Tips To Keep Them Healthy

    If you have a lot of older trees in your yard, they may need to be protected to preserve the tree's lifespan, structure, and health. As a tree grows older, it may become weaker and need your help in order to keep growing. Fortunately, there are many things you can do, two of which are listed below. Brace and Cable the Tree If your trees have become infected with diseases, are leaning to one side too much, or have a lot of sagging or broken branches, then bracing the tree is a good option. [Read More]

  • What To Know About Landscape Tree Shapes

    In addition to considering tree sizes, you may also want to consider each tree's natural shape when planning landscape design and care. This can help you determine the best placement and pruning schedule and technique for the tree. Here are some of the basics of tree shapes and how these shapes may affect your landscaping. Trees have several categories of shapes The shape of a tree tends to fall into one of a few different categories. [Read More]

  • Make Room For New Landscape Features With Tree Removal Service

    As a homeowner, you can make plans to change your property at any time. If you like what your home has to offer on the inside, but you are still looking for ways that you can improve the outside, you should hire a tree removal service in your area to make space to fit in brand-new features. Irrigation System While you may use an irrigation system to water your grass, flowers, shrubs, and trees, you may know that installing one would be difficult with a particular tree on your property. [Read More]

  • Tree Removal: Common Concerns And Questions

    Having a tree removed seems like a fairly straight forward process, but you may have a few questions or concerns that will need to be addressed first. What Will You Do With the Removed Wood? Most tree removal services provide removal of the resulting wood as part of the included cost or for a small dumping fee. There are other options, though. If you have a fireplace, wood-burning stove, or firepit, you can keep the wood instead. [Read More]

  • Deep Root Watering: A Guide For Tree Owners

    If someone told you, "Water your tree," what would you do? Chances are, you would go position a hose near the base of the tree and let water flow over the area. Some of this water would eventually make its way down to the tree's roots, but unfortunately, a lot of it would not. Most would be absorbed by the topsoil and then used by more superficial plants, like grass. [Read More]

  • How To Properly Trim A Plum Tree

    All fruit trees need regular trimming if you want them to produce abundant fruit. Plum trees, however, are especially particular. If you make certain mistakes during trimming, or if you don't trim often enough, you will have very few plums to harvest that year. So how do you go about properly trimming a plum tree? Follow these steps. Use sharp, sanitized shears. You do not want to saw off branches or cut them with dull shears, which can cause the green wood to tear. [Read More]