4 Important Services An Arborist Can Offer When Planting New Trees

Posted on: 16 June 2023

Nurturing a tree to maturity takes commitment, but the rewards of having lush and healthy foliage are priceless. Trees provide much-needed shade in landscapes, enhance biodiversity, filter pollutants from the air, and increase property values.

An arborist is an invaluable asset to have when planting new trees. Their knowledge and expertise can help ensure your trees survive for generations. Here are four tree services an arborist can offer when planting new trees:

Soil Testing and Analysis

Depending on the tree species, soil composition is important to its health and growth. An arborist can help determine what kind of soil the tree needs by taking samples and testing them in the lab for nutrient content.

The analysis can provide crucial information on how to best care for your new tree. For instance, you may need to amend the soil with nutrients or adjust the pH before planting.

Species Selection

Whether you need decorative trees for your landscape or those that provide shade and reduce energy costs, an arborist can help you pick the right species. They are familiar with the local climate and soil conditions that will affect the tree's health and longevity.

The professionals can also advise you on the size and shape of trees suitable for your home or business. If you want a low-maintenance tree, an arborist can recommend one that fits the bill.

Planting and Care Advice

Planting a tree is more than digging a hole and tossing in the roots. An arborist can help you determine where to position the tree, how deep to dig, and other details like watering.

The professionals are also knowledgeable about fertilizers, mulching techniques, pruning, root trimming, and grafting methods that will help your trees thrive.

Pest and Disease Control

Protecting your trees from pests and diseases is essential for their health. An arborist can provide preventive solutions, such as pest traps, to monitor potential threats.

The professionals are also informed about the latest treatments that can help control or eradicate specific conditions. For instance, if you live in an area with a lot of oak wilt, they can develop a plan to help protect your trees.

Having an arborist on board when planting new trees can make all the difference in their survival. Their expertise and advice can help ensure your trees get off to a good start and reach maturity with minimal effort. Contact a professional arborist today or visit their website — such as https://www.hodgsontreeservice.com/ — to explore your options for planting new trees.