3 Ways To Prepare For A Tree Removal Exercise

Posted on: 22 July 2021

Planting and taking care of trees can be a daunting lifetime task to engage in. More often, you probably only plan for the planting, weeding, and pruning processes and overlook the tree removal processes. Whether you anticipated it or not, tree removal is a crucial process that needs adequate planning to minimize harm to the environment and achieve the best results.

It could be you have been planning to remove the tree because it's blocking your path, pausing danger to property, or it's been displaced by a recent storm. Whatever the reason for removal is, you need to do things before commencing the removal process. Here are three main ways to prepare for a tree removal exercise.

Examine the Tree

If you're well-versed with tree examination procedures, you can go through the whole process on your own. However, it is important to have an arborist check the tree for you to estimate the amount of work needed to remove the tree. 

Through examination, you'll also tell how the tree is to be removed. It can either be uprooted or cut to the ground level, depending on the examination result. Skipping a tree examination process leaves a lot of grey areas and puts people and property at risk. Therefore, before you do anything else, ensure you have your tree examined for easy removal.

Clear the Area and Protect Personal Property

Take a few people, walk around your yard, and collect any valuable items you may have left out in the yard. If you have cars parked anywhere near the tree, you should get them out to a safer distance. The experts you're working with should estimate a safe working area and mark it out of bounds for people and movable property.

If your yard space is not enough to accommodate the tree safely when it falls, you should seek an alternative method of removing it. The experts can choose to cut it into smaller pieces before finally uprooting the stump to minimize the risk of damaging property.

Alert Your Neighbors in Advance

Tree removal is a noisy activity and can cause a lot of disturbance to the people living around you. Your neighbors need to know about your plans to remove a tree so they can plan well in advance for that day. Giving your neighbors plenty of notice helps them plan for alternative activities on the day you plan to remove your tree. This way, you can have a smoother process with little to worry about the safety of your neighbors.

To learn more, contact a tree removal service.