Trees That Do Best With Annual Trimming, Even When Mature

Posted on: 26 July 2023

Most trees do best with annual trimming when they are young, but once they reach maturity, they do not need to be trimmed nearly as often. There are, however, some exceptions to this rule. Some faster-growing, higher-maintenance, and less hardy trees do benefit from being trimmed once a year, even once they are mature. If you have one of these trees in your yard, arrange for annual trimming for best results.

Eucalyptus Trees

Eucalyptus trees are often valued for their distinct, refreshing scent. They have straight, tall trunks and round, deep green leaves. However, they also create a lot of sap, which in their case is known as resin. The weight of this sap can cause some of the eucalyptus tree's branches to break, especially if there is a storm or strong winds. So, you want to have a eucalyptus tree trimmed every year – for the sake of your property, mostly. Annual trimming will reduce the number of branches that fall off the tree and ultimately land on your landscaping, buildings, and fences.

Linden Trees

Linden trees offer lots of shade, and they grow quite easily even in areas that don't receive a ton of sunlight or water. Their yellow fruits  can add to their beauty in the late summer and early fall. However, like most fruit trees, they can easily become over-laden with fruit if their small branches are allowed to become too dense. Annual trimming to thin out the tree will help ensure none of the branches become too heavy with fruit. Trimming will also help keep the tree healthier so it is able to resist fungal diseases, which are a threat to fruit trees.

Weeping Willow Trees

Weeping willow trees swing in the breeze and can look absolutely stunning. However, those same stunning tendrils can start dragging on the ground, which can put the tree at risk for fungal diseases and insect infestations. The tendrils grow really quickly, which means a weeping willow should be trimmed yearly to keep these tendrils off the ground. Routine trimming will also help ensure the weeping willow does not lose too many of its heavy, tendril-laden branches in a storm.

While some mature trees only need the occasional trim or touch-up, these ones really do best with annual trimming appointments. Find a tree removal company in your area, and give them a call. They can give you a quote and perhaps also give you more insight into how to best care for them.