How Do Tree Trimmers Trim Really Tall Trees?

Posted on: 12 October 2022

Most homeowners are able to do some basic trimming and pruning of smaller trees. But if you have a really tall tree that needs some trimming, you probably won't want to climb up there and trim the branches away yourself. This is an area where professional tree trimmers really shine! But while the professionals will do all the work, it's still nice to understand what they're doing and how they are doing it. Here are some of the key strategies tree trimmers will use to reach those super high-up branches on tall trees.


One method tree trimmers often use is harnessing themselves to the tree itself. The harness may be attached to the trunk or a really large, sturdy branch. The tree trimmer then reaches out and trims other branches that they can reach. They may climb around in the tree or on a ladder a bit, knowing that if they slip or trip, the harness will catch them. Of course, there is some risk of hitting their head or a limb if they stumble, but this is minor in comparison to falling to the ground.

Pruning Poles

Pruning poles are basically long-handled trimmers. They are made to be lightweight so that the trimmer can reach a good way up with them without the trimmers feeling too heavy. Trimmers can't easily remove really big, thick branches with a pruning pole, but they can trim away small to medium branches. So, this method is often used when a tall tree simply needs its canopy trimmed or tidied up a bit. It can also be used to remove some smaller branches that are rubbing on a roof or other structure.


Another approach is for the tree trimming company to bring in a motorized, elevated platform for the trimmer to stand on. They'll place this equipment next to the tree, the trimmer will stand on it, and the platform will be raised. The trimmer will then be standing level with the section of the tree that needs trimming. They'll usually be harnessed to the platform for safety reasons. This approach is often used when a tall tree needs a major overhaul and a lot of big, thick branches removed. 

Now you should have a better idea as to how tree trimmers work with tall trees. If you're curious about what trimming methods they'll use for your tree, don't hesitate to ask them.