Instances In Which Tree Removal Services Are Necessary For Your Home

Posted on: 14 July 2022

Trees are not only an asset to your property but also offer numerous environmental benefits. However, there are unavoidable circumstances in which tree removal is essential. Although the decision to cut down the tree lies solely on you, you should contact an arborist for assessment. They will give you details of your tree's condition, and if it's unsalvageable, they will recommend its removal. Take a look at instances when this might be necessary. 

If The Trees Are Diseased

A tree can be affected by a disease if it is attacked by multiple pathogens, has a nutritional deficiency, or is infested by pests. If a tree is diseased, it will start decaying with rotten limbs and roots evident on the ground beneath it. In addition, diseased trees experience defoliation that stunts their growth. It also exposes them to sun scalding and diminishes the fruit yields substantially. Unfortunately, the signs of disease in trees are subtle, making them hard to spot. If the infection goes undetected, you will eventually notice a sickly tree that might be difficult to salvage. At that point, the only option is to hire tree removal services. 

If The Trees Are Leaning

A tree leaning too much in one direction is not only unappealing aesthetically but also a safety risk. If a tree's shape and structure are not maintained, the weight distribution will become uneven, causing it to lean on one side. Moreover, the ground below the tree can settle due to earthquakes or tremors, causing the tree to be unstable. Therefore, if a tree is leaning precariously towards structures, it is best to remove it before it collapses unexpectedly. 

If The Tree Is Damaged

If a tree is severely damaged after a storm or through physical impacts such as trench digging or vehicle collision, you should remove it. This is because the damaged limbs are loose and can topple on anyone walking below the tree, causing injuries. Additionally, damaged trees are unsightly, reducing the curb appeal of your property. Hiring a tree removal company is vital to ensure the process is carried out safely. 

If The Tree Roots Are Invading Your House

When tree roots project towards your house, they can wreak havoc on the foundation. Furthermore, large trees with extended root systems can invade the plumbing and utility lines, resulting in costly repairs and replacements. Therefore, if tree roots seem to encroach your house, it's time to cut down the tree. 

Despite the incredible value that trees in your yard offer you, there may come a point when eliminating them is necessary. In that instance, contact a tree removal company, such as Arbaugh's Tree Services & Landscaping, to ensure that the exercise is done in the safest way possible.