How You Can Benefit From Annual Tree Inspection And Trimming

Posted on: 23 June 2022

Having your trees professionally pruned can do a lot more than just help them look their best. Regular inspections and trimming ensures they're kept safe from harmful diseases and pests, that your home has an extra layer of protection from pests, and that your trees get the individual care they need.

Early Warnings About Diseases and Pests

Pests and diseases can move through different areas just like illnesses in humans, which means that the risks your trees are exposed to can vary. One of the biggest benefits of regular care is proactive treatment. When certain kinds of illnesses or creatures are becoming more prevalent in your area, your tree care professional likely already knows about them and will be able to use various preventative treatments to keep your trees safe. They can also point out things you should look out for, like specific symptoms, what harmful pests look like, and which species of tree are more at risk.

Home Pest Control

Trees often unintentionally serve as assistance for pests that want to get into your home. First, trees are popular sources of food and shelter for many kinds of pests, even ones that aren't directly harming your trees. Second, trees that are left to grow too large can act as bridges for pests if the trees are touching any part of your house.

Letting a professional take care of pests living in your trees can have the bonus effect of keeping them away from your house as well. Trimming away long branches that touch your home and using preventative pest treatments remove a source of safety for all sorts of creatures, and turn your trees from jumping points for pests to an additional barrier against them.

The Right Trim

Keeping your trees trimmed involves more than just making sure they aren't getting too big. Trees often require specific kinds of cuts to address specific problems. For example, if your trees' branches are growing too thick, the crown will likely need to be thinned to allow more sunlight in. Some branches may need to be pruned in a specific way to promote more growth. In addition, certain kinds of trimming are sometimes best done at certain times of year, which can be influenced both by factors like how they grow and periods of dormancy as well as the climate in your area.

Getting the right kind of trim is important to keep your trees healthy and protected from harm. The wrong kind of pruning can leave your tree weakened and more susceptible to damage and disease. Regular inspections help ensure your trees get the precise care they need. For more information, contact a tree trimming service in your area.