Tree Removal Services: All You Need To Know About Tree Stump Removal

Posted on: 28 January 2022

Trees make their surroundings calm and beautiful. However, they may get in the way if they grow too old and bushy. Also, if a tree in your yard starts to dry up, you need to resolve the matter through tree removal services. 

After removing a tree, a stump is left in the ground. Unfortunately, many people have no idea what to do with the stump. This article will shed some light on the options available for the tree stumps in your backyard. 

To Remove or Leave the Stump in the Ground

You can opt to leave the stump in the ground or get it removed. If you choose to get rid of it, remember that the removal process is tasking and expensive. But doing it might be necessary since stumps are unsightly and make it challenging to use the yard. 

Furthermore, stumps make it hard to landscape and plant more vegetation. Removing stumps, therefore, enables you to make use of the area and mow your law without obstruction. 

Tree Stumps Encourage Termites

Leaving dead stumps means that they will decay and rot over time. In the process, they may attract pests like ants and termites, which are harmful to your yard. You should strive to keep termites away as they can find a way into your buildings and eat the wood. 

Critters also love dead matter, and they will eat into other plants in your backyard. Therefore, it is best to get rid of tree stumps to keep these unwanted pests from your property. 

To Grind or Remove the Tree Stump

Typically, grinding is less intrusive than complete stump removal. The process shreds the parts of the dead tree into small fine pieces. Additionally, it does not go as deep as removing the roots. Once ground, you can use the small chips as mulch in your garden.

On the contrary, stump removal digs deep into the ground to remove everything from the tree. Therefore, it can be extensive and take several hours or days to complete. The process also requires heavy machinery. However, uprooting the stump is a long-term solution. 

Unlike other stump removals techniques, your arborist will charge you less for grinding services. Besides that, they do a clean job to ensure that the remains are no longer visible. However, the roots are still present deep inside and can regrow over time. So if you want to reclaim the area, removing the stump is a better option. 

Talk to a professional tree removal service if you need tree stump removal and grinding services. They will examine the situation and advice you on the best option to restore your backyard to a thriving landscape.