3 Most Common Tree Care Concerns For Homeowners And Their Solutions

Posted on: 20 December 2021

Taking care of your yard maintains your property's net value and aesthetic appeal. The health of your trees should be one of the top aspects in the list of your landscaping tasks. Unfortunately, most homeowners have very little knowledge or expertise in caring for their trees. 

Luckily, you can seek help from a professional tree care expert if you fall into this category. In addition to routine maintenance schedules, your arborist will advise you on the following tips to keep your grove healthy and eye-catching. 

What Is the Best Time to Prune a Tree?

Most people understand that a lush grove of trees requires frequent pruning. However, few of them know the intricate details of pruning, including the best time to do it and how to do it for the best outcome. 

Typically, the best time of the year to carry out this tree care practice is between the end of fall and winter. That's because most of the trees shed their leaves at this time of the year, making it possible to see weaknesses in the structure and repair them. However, you can prune a tree at any other time of the year if you have concerns about its health. 

Will a Storm Damaged Tree Heal Alone?

Storm damage on trees frequently occurs in areas prone to hurricanes and other forms of inclement weather. Strong winds can tear branches off the trees and create injuries that may take a long time to heal. 

If the broken tree branches have a diameter of fewer than three inches, the tree care expert may cut them to allow them to sprout again. However, if the weather is excessively destructive and the trees suffer severe damage, it might be better to cut them down altogether. 

What's the Right Time to Cut a Dead Tree?

A dead tree poses a safety risk to you and your family. It may also fall unexpectedly on a valuable asset, causing huge losses. For that reason, tree care professionals advise removing a dead tree as soon as the signs begin to show. 

Some signs showing that a tree is dead include brown branches, mushrooms and fungus on the stem, and a leaning trunk. However, you should leave the tree cutting task to an expert owing to the safety risks involved. Besides, they will first assess the tree and determine where removing it is necessary. 

You can navigate these tree care complexities by partnering with competent full-service tree experts. With their assistance, you will create a beautiful yard with strong and healthy trees.