Basics Of Land Clearing Services

Posted on: 26 August 2021

If you're purchasing a lot to build on, planning a pool or deck project in a wooded area, or doing some other construction project that requires land clearing, you'll need to start looking around for the best land clearing contractors. If you haven't hired land clearing services before, you may wonder what to expect, whether the contractor can clear just some trees and leave others, and similar questions. Here are some of the basics of land clearing services.

1. Types of vegetation removed

Land clearing services have a wide variety of equipment that can remove anything from a full-grown tree to knee-high weeds. Some land clearing services can even provide grading services to go along with clearing services so that you can get your lot scraped clean of brush and trees and then have the ground leveled out.

2. Levels of clearing available

Different levels of clearing may be available. Some land clearing contractors may specialize in brush removal, for example, and can remove brush from beneath trees without removing the trees themselves if that's what you want. This is called understory clearing. A light thinning of the trees, where individual trees are removed and others are left standing, could also be available. Or you can leave trees in some areas and have other areas cleared totally, or (at the extreme end) have all the trees and all the vegetation removed. 

3. Types of machinery used

Some commonly available machinery is sometimes used by do-it-yourself homeowners who want to remove saplings and brush from their land. But the professionals typically have much more heavy-duty machinery and equipment.

Professional land clearing services may use machines such as excavators, stump grinders, and bulldozers as well as more specialized equipment such as brush grubbers, track hoes, forestry-equipped skid steers, and attachments such as a tree shear and a grapple.

4. What affects the price 

As you can imagine, one thing that can affect the price is how long the job takes. So more thickly treed land, larger lots, and land that needs to be more thoroughly cleared (rather than just having some sections cleared) will likely cost more. But on top of that, access can affect the price because a difficult-to-access lot may require specialized equipment and may require more time to haul the logs out to the road, for example.

These basics will help you get a handle on how the land clearing services work and how thorough of a job they can do. Get in touch with a local land clearing contractor today to learn more about the possible pricing for your land clearing job.