Signs Your Trees Need Emergency Services

Posted on: 15 June 2021

Trees can be a great addition to your landscape. They provide shade for the area and can be a great addition to your curb appeal. However, after some years, your trees can become more harmful than useful. Here are a few signs that your trees need to be removed, trimmed, or treated.

Leaning Trees

Leaning trees may look beautiful in the middle of your yard, but they can be cause for alarm. A tree can lean because it is directing its leaves to the source of sunlight. If this is the case, the tree trunk will also curve in that direction, distributing the tree's weight to the trunk and the roots. However, if the tree is leaning because of damage to the root system or damage due to a storm, its weight might not be well distributed. This can be dangerous.

You can correct this lean by getting a tree trimming service to prune the crown. If the lean is caused by root damage, you might need to consult an arborist to determine what to do. If the damage is beyond redemption, you might need to have the tree removed.

Overhanging Branches

If your tree has not been trimmed for a long time, its branches will start to overgrow. These overgrown branches tend to lean and hang over your roofline. They can cause roof damage during a storm. They can also be a route that critters use to enter your house.

The best remedy for overhanging branches is tree trimming. It eliminates the problem and enhances the growth of new healthy branches. It also takes the weight of the tree back to the trunk, stabilizing the tree.

Tree Disease

A diseased tree can fall at any time, causing damage. The best way to tell if your tree has a disease is by looking at its bark. If the bark has deep cracks or holes, then there is a danger that the tree is dying from the inside. This can cause tree branches to fall.

Another sign of possible tree disease is yellow leaves. When a tree is in season, the leaves should be green and healthy. If the leaves appear yellow or have spots, then there is a chance that the tree has a disease. 

Another sign is dead branches that keep falling off. This means the tree is not carrying enough water and nutrition in the branches. The best remedy for a diseased tree is removing it. You can only treat the tree if the disease has not affected the roots and the bark. 

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