Have A Lot Of Older Trees? 2 Tips To Keep Them Healthy

Posted on: 16 February 2021

If you have a lot of older trees in your yard, they may need to be protected to preserve the tree's lifespan, structure, and health. As a tree grows older, it may become weaker and need your help in order to keep growing. Fortunately, there are many things you can do, two of which are listed below.

Brace and Cable the Tree

If your trees have become infected with diseases, are leaning to one side too much, or have a lot of sagging or broken branches, then bracing the tree is a good option. You need to hire a tree service company to do this tree bracing for you. This involves installing steel rods below and above the damaged area of the tree. This will help prevent the tree trunk from cracking or splitting. 

In some cases, the tree service company will also choose to cable the tree. This helps keep the canopy of the tree in good condition. If there are any branches that are broken or stressed, the cabling will take care of this. When the cabling is finished, the tree will still be able to sway in the wind and look natural. Cabling is also beneficial as it can protect your tree in case of high winds or other weather conditions that may affect the tree. 

Prune the Tree

The tree service company can also prune your tree. Never try to do this on your own as you could become injured, and, if you prune the trees in the wrong way, you will damage them. If you have deciduous trees, they will do the pruning during the winter months. Deciduous means when a tree becomes dormant after losing its leaves. The tree service company will know the best time of year to prune the type of trees that you have.

Pruning can help your tree stay healthy as it gets older. This is because when pruning, the tree service company will thin out the canopy to allow water and sunshine to get through the tree. If there are twisted branches inside the tree, this can affect the tree's health. The tree service company will remove all twisted branches as well as any branches that are damaged. When the pruning is finished, the tree will then have more room to grow. Pruning will also help protect you and your family as damaged branches can fall easily. 

The tree service company that you hire can give you more information on how to keep your mature trees healthy and growing well.