Tree Removal: Common Concerns And Questions

Posted on: 28 December 2020

Having a tree removed seems like a fairly straight forward process, but you may have a few questions or concerns that will need to be addressed first.

What Will You Do With the Removed Wood?

Most tree removal services provide removal of the resulting wood as part of the included cost or for a small dumping fee. There are other options, though. If you have a fireplace, wood-burning stove, or firepit, you can keep the wood instead. This will save you on any disposal costs. The tree service may even offer to split it or cut it into logs for a small fee, or you can split it yourself for more savings. Often, if you don't want firewood, the tree service can mulch the trunk and branches for easier disposal. You can request that some or all of the mulch is left onsite so you can use it in your own garden.

How Is the Stump Removed?

Stump removal is typically considered a separate service from tree removal. If the tree is small, you may be able to have the stump dug out right after the tree itself is removed. Otherwise, the best option is to have the tree ground out. This can be done at the same time as removal or at a later date, but the process will carry its own fee. With stump grinding, the service will use a large piece of grinding equipment to shred the stump into sawdust to well below the soil surface.

Is Yard Cleanup Included With Service?

Most tree services will do basic yard cleanup, which means removing the branches and raking up the twigs and leaves that are left behind. You will be responsible for filling in the hole and re-landscaping the area, though. To minimize damage to neighboring landscape areas, prepare the yard before tree removal begins. Cover shrubs and garden beds with tarps so you can protect them from falling tree debris and make cleanup easier. It's also a good idea to avoid watering the day before tree removal, as this will cut down on the chances of the equipment damaging the lawn.

How Soon Can The Area Be Landscaped?

How quickly you can recover the landscape depends on your plans. If you are putting in a lawn or an annual flower garden, you can re-landscape right away. Just keep in mind that the soil will sink over the next few years as remaining roots decompose, so you will need to add soil. If you want to plant a shrub or new tree, it's best to wait a few years for the old roots to fully decompose first.

Contact a tree removal service for answers to these questions and more.