Deep Root Watering: A Guide For Tree Owners

Posted on: 14 December 2020

If someone told you, "Water your tree," what would you do? Chances are, you would go position a hose near the base of the tree and let water flow over the area. Some of this water would eventually make its way down to the tree's roots, but unfortunately, a lot of it would not. Most would be absorbed by the topsoil and then used by more superficial plants, like grass.

If you really want to water a tree and make sure it has true, prompt access to the provided water, then you are better off hiring a tree company to come and perform a service called deep root watering.

What is deep root watering?

Deep root watering involves injecting water below the ground's surface. There are a few different ways this can be done. Some companies will dig a narrow hole in the ground and then use a pressurized stream of water and push it into the soil at that level. Other tree care companies have a singular piece of equipment that drills down into the soil and them emits water. The effect is the same, either way. The deeper soil around the tree's roots is moistened, so the tree can access and use the water without having to compete with surface-level plants or wait for the water to trickle down.

Where is deep root watering performed?

You may be picturing the water being injected near the tree's trunk, but in fact, the water is injected a few feet away from the trunk. This is because most trees have somewhat sprawling root systems. The smaller roots that actually collect most of the water are located further out from the trunk. A good guideline is to look upwards and see how far out the tree's longest branches extend. This is about how far out the tree's roots extend. This area is known as the dripline, and it is where the tree care company will inject the water. Typically, they will inject it in a few places along the dripline.

When should a tree be deep watered?

It is a good idea to deep water your trees after a long period of drought. It is also beneficial to deep water fruit trees in the late fall. This ensures they enter their dormant winter period well-watered and well-nourished, which helps ensure a productive fruiting season the next year. 

Deep root watering is a better idea than simply spreading water around on top of the soil. To learn more, reach out to a tree service company.