Avoid Insects And Other Pests With Stump Grinding

Posted on: 18 November 2020

While a tree in your yard can host a variety of cute birds and chipmunks during its life, the wildlife population may become more problematic once the tree is removed and only the stump remains. Here are some of the wood-eating insects and other pests that you can avoid attracting if you hire stump grinding services promptly.


Termites are probably the best-known wood-eating pest whose name every homeowner will recognize. Whether you've had termite infestations before or not, you know you don't want them. A termite nest in your home can eat away at your home's internal structure, and a rotting stump outside could attract them to your area.

If you schedule a stump grinding service as soon as the ailing tree is removed, your stump won't have time to deteriorate to the point where it can attract termites.


Woodpeckers aren't attracted to the tree stump's wood itself, but rather to what they find inside it. Since rotting wood provides shelter and homes for many types of insects and grubs, you could have woodpeckers hammering loudly at the stump at all hours of the day looking for their next meal.

Woodpeckers may also move on to other wood items near your house, putting holes in your fence posts or porch railing, if they detect any insect activity there. So grinding up your stump before it attracts woodpeckers is your best move.

Carpenter Ants

Although perhaps not as feared as termites, carpenter ants also eat through wood and can also infest your house. So, although they don't actually ingest wood like termites, you'll still want to avoid attracting them. Like termites, they'd love to see a dead stump to chew into, so be sure to have yours removed before they get the chance.


Rodents such as rats may also nest in tree stumps. As the weather gets colder, they may also look for a warmer place to live. If they discover your nearby home, you have a problem. Rats can cause a lot of damage when they chew wires, insulation, air ducts, and even wood components of your home. They can also be a health risk for your family.


Some types of wasps and yellow jackets, such as tree wasps, may take up residence in your old stump. While wasps can be an essential part of biodiversity in nature, they can also be a nuisance at best and a major health and safety hazard at worst when this close to your home. Removing the stump can prevent these insects from finding and nesting in it.

As you can see, an old stump left in your lawn can become the home for all kinds of critters that may be fine out in the woods, but not so nice when seen up close and personal. Get in touch with your local stump grinding professional, like those at Tree Landers and other locations, today to learn more about stump grinding services.