Four Hidden Damages Caused by Landscape Trees

Posted on: 9 November 2020

Not all property damage caused by trees is immediately obvious. In some cases, the problems are hidden. Just because you can't see the issue doesn't mean that you shouldn't remove the tree, though.

1. Line Upheaval

A variety of utility lines may run beneath your yard, such as electric, gas, and water. These are placed underground to protect them, but this protection may not be enough if there is a tree growing nearby. Tree roots can cause upheaval around lines as the roots grow and thicken. Eventually, the lines may become damaged or they may burst, leading to dangerous leaks or power outages. Your utility company can come out and mark the location of all the lines running through your yard. You can then work with a tree service to determine if any of your existing trees pose a danger to the lines.

2. Foundation Voids

Roots can cause voids around the foundation, which is much more likely to cause damage than the pressure of the roots growing into the foundation. These voids occur when growing roots push away the soil around the foundation. During heavy rain, moisture then floods into the voids and creates hydrostatic pressure against the foundation walls, which can lead to leaks or a crack. If roots are growing too close to the foundation, it's time to remove the tree.

3. Sewer Problems

Sewer lines can be a magnet for roots seeking out nutrients and water. The roots grow into the line, which can lead to a blockage. Minor root incursion isn't usually a huge problem, as it can be managed by periodic drain cleaning and chemical growth inhibitors. Large roots systems growing too close to the line, though, can lead to major blockages, or even a ruptured or collapsed line. In this case, it is best to have the tree removed before your sewer line causes a large amount of damage.

4. Fruit and Leaf Litter

Tree roots aren't the only cause of hidden tree damage. Heavy fruit drop and lots of leaf litter may just seem like a nuisance, but it can lead to major issues around your home. Fruit drop can attract pest animals, such as rodents or raccoons. The heavy leaf litter provides some of these pests with safe nesting spots. The increase of pest animals on your property increases the chances they will make their way into your home and cause major issues.

Contact a tree removal service to have your tree assessed if you think it may be causing hidden damage to your home.