Five Reasons To Lift Your Tree Canopy

Posted on: 26 August 2020

Sometimes branches grow too low on a tree's trunk, which means that the canopy is so close to the ground that it is difficult to walk underneath it. Overly low branches are a sign of weak growth form, but fortunately, a tree trimmer can lift the canopy with careful pruning. The following are five reasons why you need to lift the canopy of your tree.

1. Opens Up Pathways

When the canopy of the tree is too low to the ground, paths and sidewalks become blocked. People must duck to walk under these lower branches, which increases the chances of bumped heads and injury. In some cases, the canopy can become so low that is is virtually impossible to walk beneath the tree. If you have a lawn that needs to be tended under the tree, it can become difficult to access the area for mowing.

2. Protects Vehicles

Low-hanging branches over streets and driveways can scratch cars or damage windshields. If the lower branch breaks off and falls on a parked car, it can cause major body damage. At a bare minimum, a tree canopy should be lifted sufficiently so it doesn't interfere with any cars driving or parking beneath it. In some cases, the owner of the tree can be held liable if a low canopy leads to damage to someone else's car.

3. Guards Against Tree Damage

It's not just people and cars that can be damaged by an overly low canopy; the tree can suffer damage, too. Low canopies over roads can lead to branches being torn off the tree, which leaves a wound that is open to tree disease and pests. Over walkways, people may grab the branch or push it out of the way, which is more likely to lead to damage. Low branches can also invite people to climb or hang from the tree, which can cause breakage inside the crown.

4. Prevents Storm Damage

Both the tree and your property can suffer storm damage due to low branches. Lower branches are more likely to be outside of the main crown, so they are more likely to get broken off in a storm since they aren't protected from wind by the surrounding branches. The branch may break unevenly or tear the bark, causing major damage to the tree. Worse, the falling branch could land on a car or other piece of property, damaging it as well.

5. Improves Visibility

Tree planted near roads should have a high enough canopy that the lowest branches don't impede visibility. Car accidents are more likely, especially if you live at an intersection, if the visibility is blocked. Improved visibility is also a good idea around the house. If you raise the crown, you will let more light into your house and you will be better able to see out.

Contact a tree trimming service in your area if you need to lift the canopy on your trees.