Need A Tree Removed? You May Have These 4 Questions

Posted on: 30 July 2020

Do you have a tree on your property that is dead or diseased and needs to be removed? You likely have a few questions when you hire a professional to do this labor-intensive job for you.

Will The Tree Be Evaluated For Removal First?

A tree removal service is not always about cutting down trees at the first request. If you have a tree that you think is diseased, they can evaluate the tree to let you know if it is really unhealthy or if it can be saved. Don't assume that a tree removal service will immediately jump on the chance to cut down your tree before checking. 

Will The Tree Stump Be Removed?

It is always a great idea to ask your tree service if they are going to remove the tree stump in addition to the tree. Some will leave the stump, while others will remove the stump with the tree. Since stump removal is a more complicated process, expect to pay more for the service. 

There are a few different methods that can be used to remove a tree stump. Some companies have the equipment to rip the stump right out of the ground, while others will gradually grind the stump down beneath ground level. Other options include using chemicals to destroy the wood. Ask which method is available to you so that you know what condition your yard will be left in when the job is done.

Do You Need To Be Home To Have The Tree Removed?

You may not want to take time off of work to hire a tree removal company to come to your home. Thankfully, this is a job that can be done without you being there. As long as the tree has been properly marked or you have received an estimate in person prior to the removal date, it should be perfectly clear which tree is supposed to be removed. Just make sure to leave any gates unlocked and room for equipment to be brought in. 

How Big Is The Equipment? 

The equipment needed to cut down the tree will be small enough to fit through a typical gate going into a yard. There is no need to worry about the equipment not being able to fit into your backyard unless you have a particularly small gate with no other entrance point. 

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