Should You Have Your Tree Removed? 3 Signs It's Time

Posted on: 15 July 2020

Those trees in your yard have become a part of your home. Some you may have planted from seedlings, or some may have been there even before you moved in, but you've watched them grow. Large trees can be difficult to part with, but with time, some of these trees have to eventually come down. Smaller trees sometimes also have to be cut down or removed, although these may not be as hard to part with. Read on for a few signs that may tell you it's time to have them removed.

1. The Tree Is Beginning To Fall

Some trees will eventually fall down on their own, and while sometimes it's a quick process, there are some trees that begin to tilt and fall down after a long period of time. If this tree is somewhere where it could potentially fall on someone, or it could fall on something such as your home, it's best to have this tree removed before someone gets hurt or something gets damaged. If you notice one of your trees is beginning to tilt or is leaning to one side, have it removed. This is something that can happen if there is damage to the roots or due to heavy winds.

2. The Tree Has A Pest Problem Or Is Diseased

If the tree has a pest issue such as termites, carpenter ants, or emerald ash borers, the tree is most likely being eaten away from the inside and is probably rotten inside anyway. If your tree is diseased, it can spread to other trees in your yard and you'll be left having to cut down more than just that one tree — you could lose all of them. If you suspect a pest problem or a disease, have your trees inspected and removed if necessary.

3. Your Trees Are Too Overgrown

This may not sound correct, but some trees can overgrow the yard they are in, especially if you are in a neighborhood. Some trees can grow entirely too tall and you just don't have the room for that type of tree in your small area. The tree limbs can be dangerous to your home or to neighboring homes, and they can also become a nuisance when they grow into power lines or other types of wires. If your tree has overgrown the space in your yard, you may be able to have the tree trimmed or you may need to have it removed altogether.

If you have trees in your yard, you are responsible for these trees as the homeowner. If you aren't sure if your trees need to be removed, call in tree removal contractors to help you.