2 Subtle Signs The Old Tree In Your Yard Needs To Be Cut Down

Posted on: 7 April 2020

If you have an old tree in your yard, you may believe that it is still healthy since the branches are still producing leaves and providing you with ample shade. However, even if a tree appears overtly healthy, there is still a chance that there is unseen damage and rot which puts the tree in danger of falling over. Make sure you keep an eye out for the following subtle signs that it may be time to have the tree cut down.

1.  Large Cracks Form on the Sides of the Trunk

One subtle sign that your tree is no longer as sturdy as it appears is the presence of large cracks on the sides of the trunk. While it is normal to have short, thin cracks in the trunk of an older tree, large, gaping cracks can mean trouble.

If there are cracks forming, this means that the trunk is under a lot of stress. This could be caused by the weakening of the wood, or it may be due to the crown becoming too heavy for the tree to hold it. This is especially true if the tree has started to lean to one side.

If the tree is left in your yard, these cracks could start to spread deep within the trunk, further weakening its structural integrity. During a sharp wind gust in the future, there is a possibility that the sudden force could snap the tree and cause it to fall.

2.  Fungi Start Growing at the Base of the Tree

Another sign that it may be time to have your old tree cut down is the presence of fungal growth at the base of the tree's trunk. While wild mushrooms often grow on the nutrient-rich, shaded ground beneath an old tree, they should never be found on the trunk itself.

If you do see fungi growing on the trunk, this means that there is decomposing organic matter on which the growth can feed. This typically points to rotting wood, meaning that the trunk could be partially dead and weak.

If you notice these signs while inspecting a tree in your yard, there is a good possibility that the tree is no longer as sturdy as it used to be, which increases its chances of falling over during a heavy storm. Have a tree removal service fully inspect the tree and discuss your options for cutting it down if they deem it necessary for safety reasons.

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